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This is a tribute to classic actresses, silent beauties, and forgotten starlets. We have tons of rare pictures, old Hollywood gossip, and vintage memorabilia. You will see some sexy photos and read a lot of scandalous stories because these ladies were not saints - they were legends!

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    Paulette Goddard became one of the most talked about women in Tinseltown. When she was a young model she posed nude for photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston.

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  • 07/07/14--22:14: Norma Shearer's Nude Photos

  • Norma Shearer was one of Hollywood's most elegant actresses. Early in her career she posed for a series of nude photos.

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  • 07/07/14--22:19: Norma Shearer

  • "Never let them see you in public after you've turned thirty-five. You're finished if you do!" ~ Norma

    Norma Shearer was born Edith Norma Shearer on August 10, 1902, in Montreal, Canada. After seeing the Dolly Sisters perform on stage she decided to become an actress. Her mother took Norma and her sister to New York when they were teenagers. Norma auditioned for the Ziegfeld Follies but was told she wasn't beautiful enough to be in the show. She was able to get work as an extra in numerous films including The Flapper. Norma began dating producer Irving Thalberg, who helped her get a contract with MGM. She appeared in many successful silent films and easily made the transition to talkies. Norma converted to Judaism and married Irving in September 1927. They had two children together but Norma was not very maternal and had a distant relationship with her children. She starred in some of MGM's most prestigious films including Smilin' Through, Romeo And Juliet, and The Barretts Of Wimpole Street. In 1931 won an Oscar for her performance in The Divorcee. She was nicknamed "Queen Norma" and earned more than six thousand dollars a week. Other actresses at the studio were jealous of her success and believed she only got the roles because she was married to Irving.

    With her husband Irving

      Norma's brother, Douglas Shearer, became an Oscar winning sound engineer. In 1936 Irving died from lobular pneumonia at the age of thirty-seven. She was devastated and took time off from making movies. Norma returned to the screen in the 1938 epic Marie Antoinette. Her performance earned her another Oscar nomination. She was offered the role of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind but turned it down. Norma was romantically linked to actors Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney, and George Raft. In 1942 she married Martin Arrouge, a ski instructor who was twenty years younger than her. By this time she had lost interest in her career and decided to retire. Her final film was the comedy Her Cardboard Lover. She spent much of her time traveling and enjoyed living life away from the spotlight. As she grew older began suffering from insomnia and underwent electric shock treatments. She was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and lived at the Motion Picture Retirement Home. Norma died on June 12, 1983, from pneumonia. She is buried next to Irving at Forest Lawn Memorial Park
    in Glendale, California.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

    A handwritten letter (from my collection)

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  • 07/07/14--23:25: Marilyn Monroe's Nude Photos

  • Marilyn Monroe became Hollywood's biggest sex symbol. When she was a struggling actress she often posed
    nude to make extra money.

    * There are rumors that Marilyn also made a pornographic movie but so far no one has
    been able to find it *

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  • 07/07/14--23:36: Marilyn Monroe

  • "I don't mind making jokes, but I don't want to look like one." ~ Marilyn

    Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Baker on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles, California. She never knew her father and her mother was mentally ill. Marilyn spent most of her childhood in foster homes where some sources claim she was sexually abused. At age sixteen she married her neighbor, James Dougherty. After their divorce in 1946 she dyed her hair blond and began modeling. Marilyn appeared on hundreds of magazine covers and often posed nude to earn extra money. She started dating Hollywood agent Johnny Hyde who helped her get small roles in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve. He also convinced her to have cosmetic surgery on her nose and chin. When Johnny died in 1950 Marilyn was so distraught she attempted suicide. She was offered a contract with 20th Century Fox and landed the lead roles in Niagara and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Critics dismissed her as a dumb blonde but audiences made her the most popular actress in Hollywood. Marilyn made headlines when she married baseball player Joe DiMaggio in 1954. The marriage lasted just nine months but they remained close friends. She also enjoyed brief romances with Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando.

    Marilyn wanted to become a serious actress so she moved to New York and began studying with Lee Strasberg. She formed her own production company and worked with Laurence Olivier in The Prince And The Showgirl. Marilyn married playwright Arthur Miller in 1956. She desperately wanted to be a mother but suffered several miscarriages. In 1959 she starred in the comedy Some Like It Hot which became the biggest hit of her career . While making Let's Make Love in 1960 she had an affair with her costar Yves Montand. Marilyn divorced Arthur in 1961 and was hospitalized after suffering nervous breakdown. By this time Marilyn had a serious drinking problem and she was addicted to prescription drugs.  In the spring of 1962 she began filming Something's Got To Give. After missing numerous days of work she was fired. There were also rumors that she was having an affair with President John Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. On August 5, 1962, Marilyn died from an overdose of prescription drugs. She was just thirty-six years old. Her death was ruled a suicide but many believe it was either an accident or murder. Marilyn is buried at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

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  • 07/08/14--22:22: Marion Davies' Nude Photos

  • Marion Davies was one of Hollywood's most popular leading ladies. When she was a young 
    actress she posed for some nude photos.

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  • 07/08/14--22:26: Marion Davies

  • "I can't say I was ever unhappy, not at all. It was a big, gay party, every bit of it." ~ Marion

    Marion Davies was born Marion Cecelia Douras on January 3, 1897, in Brooklyn, New York. When she was a teenager Marion became a model and joined the Ziegfeld Follies. She met married billionaire William Randolph Hearst in 1916 and became his mistress. Hearst formed Cosmopolitan Pictures to produce movies for her. She starred in many successful silent films including Yolanda, Quality Street, and Show People.  Marion was a talented comedienne but her career often overshadowed by her relationship with Hearst. The couple lived in a mansion called "San Simeon" where they threw lavish parties for their celebrity friends. In 1924 Marion was involved in a scandal when producer Thomas Ince died mysteriously after attending one of her parties. Many believe that in a jealous rage Hearst had attempted to shoot Charlie Chaplin (who was having an affair with Marion) but shot Ince instead. Marion was nervous about making the transition to sound films because of a stutter but she was able to overcome this problem.

    She costarred with Clark Gable in Polly Of The Circus and with Bing Crosby in Going Hollywood. Marion desperately wanted to get married but Hearst refused to divorce his wife. There are rumors that they had a secret daughter who was raised by Marion's sister. When Hearst got into financial trouble in the 1930s Marion sold her jewelry to help him. By the age of forty she had a serious drinking problem and had put on a lot of weight. She retired from making films and took care of Hearst until his death in 1951. Despite the fact that they had lived together for more than thirty years Marion was not allowed to attend his funeral. A few months after his death she married former actor Horace G. Brown. It was an unhappy union and they separated. Marion was still a wealthy woman and she supported many children's charities. She died on September 22, 1961 from stomach cancer. Marion is buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

    With Clark Gable

    A handwritten letter (from my collection)

    Marion's statue (from my collection)

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    Jayne Mansfield's legendary figure made her a star. During her career she frequently posed nude 
    for Playboy and other mens magazines.

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  • 07/10/14--00:25: Clara Bow's Nude Photos

  • Clara Bow became known as Hollywood's "It" Girl. When she was a young starlet she posed for some nude pictures.

    Clara's lover Boris Karloff kept this nude portrait of her in his office

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  • 07/15/14--01:26: Betty Burgess

  • Betty Burgess was born Elizabeth Burgess on February 15, 1917, in Los Angeles, California. She began taking singing and dancing lessons when she was a child. Betty appeared in local plays and worked on the radio. She enrolled in a dramatic school where she was discovered by a talent agent. In 1935 she beat out forty other actresses to land the lead role in the musical Coronado. The movie, costarring Alice White and Jack Haley, garnered her positive reviews. Two years later she had a supporting role in the crime drama Tough To Handle.

    Jack Haley, Alice White, and Betty in Coronado

    Unfortunately Betty's acting career never took off and she would only make two more films. She had a serious romance with actor Matty Kemp and there were rumors that they had secretly wed. Betty spent several years performing in vaudeville before retiring from show business. In 1960 she married professional wrestler George Zaharris but they divorced a short time later. She spent her final years living in Riverside, California, Betty died on November 15, 2002 at the age of eighty-five.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2014

    With Johnny Downs

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  • 07/15/14--01:58: Lana Turner

  • "I would rather lose a good earring than be caughtwithout make-up." ~ Lana

    Lana Turner  was born Julia Jean Turner on February 8, 1921, in Wallace, Idaho. When she was a child her family moved to California a
    nd her father was murdered. Her mother struggled to support them and Lana spent some time in foster homes. When she was fifteen an agent approached her and asked if she wanted to become an actress. The story that Lana was discovered at Schwabb's drugstore would become a legend but she was actually at The Top Hat cafe. In 1937 she made her film debut in They Won't Forget and the following year she was offered a contract with MGM. She married bandleader Artie Shaw in February 1940 but she left him five months later. Shortly after she discovered that she was pregnant and had an abortion.
    Lana's hair was dyed blonde and she was dubbed "The Sweater Girl". She costarred with Judy Garland in Ziegfeld Girl and with Clark Gable in Honky Tonk. In 1942 she married restaurant owner Stephen Crane. The marriage ended soon after their daughter, Cheryl, was born. Lana's many boyfriends included Turhan Bey, Fernando Lamas, John Hodiak, and Robert Taylor. She fell madly in love with Tyrone Power but he broke her heart by marrying another woman. In 1946 she played a seductive wife in The Postman Always Rings Twice. The movie was a huge hit and turned her into a superstar.

    With Louella Parsons

    Lana married millionaire Henry "Bob" Topping in 1948. She got pregnant but the baby was stillborn. After her marriage to Bob ended she tried to kill herself by slashing her wrists. She married actor Lex Barker but left him when she discovered he was molesting Cheryl.  Lana received an Oscar nomination for her performance in the 1957 drama Peyton Place. In 1958 she was involved in one of Hollywood's biggest scandals . Her 14 year old daughter Cheryl stabbed her boyfriend, gangster Johnny Stompanato. Lana testified on Cheryl's behalf and it was ruled a justifiable homicide. Many believe that it was actually Lana who killed Johnny. In 1960 she married real estate mogul Fred May. They divorced and she married actor Robert Eaton in 1965. That marriage lasted four years. Her seventh marriage, to hypnotist Robert Dante, also ended in divorce. During the 1980s she joined the cast of the television show Falcon Crest and published her autobiography "Lana: The Lady, The Legend, The Truth. In her later years she had a drinking problem and became more reclusive. She claimed she was celibate for the last twenty years of her life. Lana died on June 29, 1995, from throat cancer. She was cremated and her ashes were given
    to her daughter.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013


    A signed contract (from my collection)
     Lana's lipstick holder (from my collection)

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  • 07/15/14--02:04: Carole Lombard

  • "I never forget that a woman's first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick." ~ Carole

    Carole Lombard was born Jane Alice Peters on October 6, 1908, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. When she was five her wealthy parents divorced and she moved to California with her mother and two brothers. A director saw her playing baseball and cast her in the 1921 film A Perfect Crime. Soon after she dropped out of high school to pursue an acting career. Carole got small parts in movies like My Best Girl and The Campus Vamp. In 1926 she was involved in a serious car accident that scarred her face. Luckily she was able to resume her career after having plastic surgery. She signed a contract with Paramount and starred in numerous screwball comedies including Nothing Sacred, Twentieth Century, and Swing High, Swing Low. Carole became one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses earning more than $100,000 a film. She married actor William Powell in 1931 but they divorced two years later. Carole started a romance with singer Russ Columbo and it was rumored they planned to marry. Tragically on September 2, 1934 Russ was killed in a shooting accident. Carole always called him the great love of her life. After Russ's death she dated actors Gary Cooper and George Raft.

    With her mother

    Carole's friends nicknamed her "The Profane Angel" because she loved telling dirty jokes and often shocked people with her bad language. In 1936 she costarred with ex-husband William Powell in My Man Godfrey and was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance. She married Clark Gable 1939 after a three year romance. They bought a big ranch that Carole decorated herself.  She took time off to try to have a baby but she suffered two miscarriages. By January 1942 America was involved in World War 2 and Carole and her mother went on a trip to sell war bonds. On January 16 Carole decided to fly home early. Her mother, an astrologist, begged her not to go on flight number three because it was an unlucky number Carole insisted and the two women got on the plane. Shortly after takeoff it crashed in Las Vegas and everyone on board was killed. Carole and her mother were buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Her final film, To Be Or Not To Be, was released after her death. Clark was so devastated that he enlisted in the Army. President Roosevelt awarded Carole the Medal Of Freedom for being the first woman killed in the line of duty during the war.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

     With Clark Gable

    An autograph (from my collection)

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  • 07/15/14--02:10: Joan Crawford

  • "I never go out unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star. If you want to see the girl next door, go next door" ~ Joan

    Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur on March 23, 1904, in San Antonio, Texas. Her family was poor and her parents separated before she was born. As a young girl Joan worked as a maid to pay for her school tuition. When she was nineteen she won an amateur dance contest and decided to go to Hollywood. There are rumors that during this time she posed nude and appeared in pornographic films. She was briefly married to a saxophone player named James Welton. In 1925 she was offered a contract with MGM and was given bit parts in movies like Pretty Lady and The Circle. Her big break came in 1928 when she landed the lead role in the comedy Our Dancing Daughters. The following year she married actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. She became one of the most successful actresses of the 1930s with starring roles in The Women, Grand Hotel, and Rain. Joan loved her fans and personally responded to much of her fan mail. She worked with Clark Gable in eight movies including Laughing Sinners and Dancing Lady. The two stars had an off-screen romance that lasted for decades. Joan was also a bisexual and enjoyed numerous affair with women. After divorcing Douglas she married actor Franchot Tone. She wanted to have a baby but suffered several miscarriages.

    In 1939 she divorced Franchot and adopted a daughter named Christina. Joan would later adopt a son, Christopher, and twin daughters, Cynthia and Cathy. She married Phillip Terry, an actor, in 1942 but the marriage ended four years later. After making a series of flops MGM dropped her contract. She made a comeback with the 1945 drama Mildred Pierce and won an Academy Award for her performance. Two years later she was nominated for another Oscar for her role in Possessed. Joan married Pepsi-Cola executive Alfred Steel in 1956. After his death she served on the board of directors of Pepsi-Cola. In 1963 she teamed up with her longtime rival Bette Davis to make the horror film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Now in her fifties Joan had a serious drinking problem and was having trouble finding work. She appeared in low budget movies like Berserk and Trog. Joan died on May 10, 1977, from pancreatic cancer. She was cremated and her ashes were interred at Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York. In her will she left a small sum of money to Cathy and Cynthia but gave nothing to Christopher and Christina. A few years later Christina wrote a book, Mommie Dearest, that portrayed Joan as an abusive mother. Cathy and Cynthia have always disputed Christina's claims.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

    With Constance Bennett

    A signed letter (from my collection)

    Joan's bookplate (from my collection)

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  • 07/15/14--02:12: Rita Hayworth

  • "All I wanted was just what everybody else wants, you know, to be loved." ~ Rita

    Rita Hayworth was born Margarita Carmen Cansino on October 17, 1918, in Brooklyn, New York. Her father was a dance instructor and Rita began performing with him when she was a teenager. She later confided to friends that her father had sexually molested her. In 1935 she made her film debut in the drama Dante's Inferno. When she was eighteen she married her older manager Edward Judson. He spent her money and encouraged her to sleep with powerful men in Hollywood. To help her career Rita dyed her dark hair red and had her hairline raised with electrolysis. She was offered a contract with Columbia pictures where she worked with Tyrone Power in Blood And Sand and with Fred Astaire in You Were Never Lovelier. Fred said that she was his favorite dancing partner. She divorced her husband and became engaged to Victor Mature. In 1943 she married Orson Welles and had a daughter, Rebecca. Rita became a popular World War 2 pin up and was nicknamed "The Love Goddess". Her biggest success came when she played a seductive femme-fatale in Gilda. Orson directed her in the 1948 film-noir The Lady from Shanghai.

    As a publicity stunt he made Rita cut her long hair and dye it blonde. After their marriage ended she began dating billionaire Howard Hughes. She got pregnant and had an abortion when he would not marry her. Rita quit making movies in 1949 and became a real life princess when she married Prince Aly Khan. They had a daughter, Yasmin, but the marriage only lasted three years. She returned to Hollywood appearing in movies like Affair In Trinidad and Pal Joey. In 1953 she married singer Dick Haymes but she left him when he became abusive. She formed a production company with her fifth husband James Hill but this marriage didn't last either. Rita had brief romances with actors Gary Merrill and Frank Langella. She had developed a serious drinking problem and often had trouble remembering her lines. In the early 1970s she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and had to retire from making movies. Rita was cared for by her daughter, Princess Yasmin, until her death on May 14, 1987. She is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California. Princess Yasmin, is now the President of
    Alzheimer's Disease International.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

    With her daughter Rebecca

    A contract signed by Rita (from my collection)

    Rita's grave

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  • 07/15/14--02:12: Ava Gardner

  • "What I'd really like to say about stardom is that it gave me  everything I never wanted." ~ Ava

    Ava Lavinia Gardner was born on December 24, 1922, in Grabtown, North Carolina. She was the youngest of seven children. In 1941 an MGM talent scout saw a photo of Ava and arranged for her to have a screen test. When MGM president Louis B. Mayer saw the test he said "She can't act. She can't talk. She's terrific". Shortly after arriving in Hollywood Ava began dating actor Mickey Rooney. They married in 1942 but she left him a year later for cheating on her. Ava got small parts in movies like Ghosts On The Loose and posed for endless pin-up photos. She married bandleader Artie Shaw, ex-husband of Lana Turner, in 1945. Her first leading role was in the 1946 film-noir The Killers. More hit films followed including The Barefoot Contessa, Showboat, and One Touch Of Venus. Ava divorced Artie and became romantically involved with actor Robert Taylor and billionaire Howard Hughes.


    In 1948 she started having an affair with married superstar Frank Sinatra. He divorced his wife and they were married. Ava became pregnant but she had an abortion because her marriage to Frank was so rocky. She left him in 1953 but they continued to see each other for years. In 1954 Ava was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Mogambo. Tired of living in Hollywood she decided moved to Spain. She spent her time flamenco dancing and going to bullfights. Ava had a torrid romance with bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin. In 1968 tax problems forced her to move to England where she would spend the rest of her life. Ava continued acting in movies and on television until she suffered a stroke in the 1980s. She died on January 25, 1990 from pneumonia. Ava is buried at Sunset Memorial Park in Smithfield, North Carolina. Her autobiography, Ava: My Story, was published after her death.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013


    A signed check (from my collection)

    Ava's sugar bowl (from my collection)

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  • 07/15/14--02:14: Joan Blondell

  • "I don't know what the secret to longevity as an actress is. It's more than talent and beauty. Maybe it's the audience
    seeing itself in you." ~ Joan

    Joan Blondell was born Rose Joan Blondell on August 30, 1906, in New York, New York. Her parents were vaudeville entertainers and she began performing with them when she was a toddler. In 1926 she won fourth place in the Miss America pageant. She appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies and starred in several Broadway shows. After making a few short films she was offered a contract with Warner Brothers. Her first movie at the studio was Sinner's Holiday with James Cagney. She became one of Hollywood's busiest actresses often making eight films a year. Although she rarely played the lead role her wisecracking characters made her popular with audiences during the depression. Joan married cinematographer George Barnes in 1932 and had a son, Norman. After their divorce she married actor Dick Powell. They had a daughter, Pamela Ellen, in 1938 and Dick adopted Norman. The couple worked together in the musicals Dames and Gold Diggers of 1937. Their marriage ended in 1944 after he began an affair with actress June Allyson.

    With Lana Turner and George Murphy

    Joan married producer Mike Todd but he had a gambling problem and became abusive. She once accused him of trying to push her out of window. In 1950 Joan filed for bankruptcy and divorced Mike. She received an Academy Award nomination in 1952 for her performance in the drama The Blue Veil. Now in her forties she was having trouble getting movie roles so she returned to the stage in a production of The Rope Dancers. During the 1960s she became a familiar face on television and made guest appearances on shows like The Twilight Zone and The Lucy Show. She starred in the series Here Comes The Bride and was nominated for two Emmy awards. Joan also wrote a novel called Center Door Fancy which was loosely based on her own experiences in Hollywood. One of her final roles was playing a waitress in the hit musical Grease. Joan died on December 25, 1979, from leukemia. She was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Her son, Norman Powell, has become a successful producer.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

    A handwritten letter (from my collection)

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  • 07/15/14--02:15: Natalie Wood

  • "The only time a woman is any good at changing a man is when he is a baby." ~ Natalie

    Natalie Wood was born Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko on July 20, 1938, in San Francisco, California. Her mother moved them to Hollywood determined to make Natalie famous. At age nine she was cast as a cynical little girl in Miracle On 34th Street. It was a hit and she became one of the most popular child stars. In 1955 she was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Rebel Without A Cause. She also began an affair with the film's forty-four year old director, Nicholas Ray. Later Natalie would claim that
    when she was a teenager an older movie star raped her. She married actor Robert Wagner in December 1957. Her success continued with starring roles in West Side Story, Splendor In The Grass, and Gypsy. She divorced Robert in 1962 and had a short-lived romance with actor Warren Beatty. Depressed over her failed relationships Natalie tried to commit suicide.

    In 1969 she married producer Richard Gregson and had a daughter, Natasha. After divorcing Richard she rekindled her romance with ex-husband Robert Wagner. They remarried and in 1974 their daughter, Courtney, was born. Natalie began to work less so she could spend more time with her family. Although she suffered from a lifelong fear of dark water she and Robert owned a yacht called "The Splendor". On November 29, 1981 Natalie fell overboard and drowned. According to sources she had been drinking that night and had a fight with Robert. Natalie was just forty-three years old. She is buried at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, California. Her daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, also became a successful actress. In 2012 the investigation into Natalie's drowning was reopened and her official cause of death was changed from accident to "drowning and other undetermined factors".

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

    A signed letter (from my collection)

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  • 07/15/14--02:16: Diana Lewis

  • "My marriage means more than all the world to me - much more than a career." ~ Diana

    Diana Lewis was born on September 18, 1919 in Ashbury Park, New Jersey. Her parents were vaudeville performers. The family moved to Hollywood and Diana, her sister Maxine, and her brother J.C. all went into show business. Diana made her film debut in the 1934 comedy It's A Gift. At the age of sixteen she married actor Jay Faye. She landed a contract with MGM and appeared in movies like Andy Hardy Meets Debutante and Bitter Sweet. While making Gold Diggers In Paris she became close friends with actress Carole Landis. Diana's marriage to Jay ended in 1939. That same year she met actor William Powell who was more than twenty years older than her. After a whirlwind courtship the couple eloped on January 6, 1940.

    Diana had supporting roles in the films Johnny Eager and Cry Havoc. She decided to quit acting in 1943 and devoted herself to being a full-time wife. By all accounts Diana and William enjoyed one of Hollywood's happiest marriages. He gave her the nickname "Mousie" because she was so petite. They had no children but Diana was very close to her stepson William David Powell. She spent much of her time doing charity work and playing golf. In 1984 William passed away at the age of ninety-one. Diana continued to live a quiet life in Palm Springs. She died from pancreatic cancer on January 18, 1997. Diana is buried with William at Desert Memorial Park in Cathedral City, California.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2014

     With William Powell

    An autographed photo (from my collection)

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  • 07/15/14--02:17: Marvel Rea

  • Marvel Rea was born Marvel Luciel Rea on November 9, 1901, in Ainsworth, Nebraska. Her family moved to California when she was a child. She grew into a beautiful blonde teenager and became one of Mack Sennett's bathing beauties. In 1918 Marvel married banker Henry Page Wells. Unfortunately he was a drug addict and she divorced him less than a year later. Marvel started getting small roles in movies like Her Screen Idol and The Summer Girls. She became known as "the girl with the most beautiful figure on the Motion Picture stage". Although she appeared in more than thirty films Marvel never
    became a major star.

    She decided to stop acting in 1921. Her final role was in the short film For Land's Sake. Marvel married her second husband Edwin J. Wilkinson in 1936 but her happiness was short-lived. On September 2, 1936 she was kidnapped and assaulted by three men. They were caught and Marvel had to testify at the headline-making trial. Sadly she never fully recovered from the attack. She committed suicide on June 17, 1937 by ingesting ant poison. Marvel was only thirty-five years old. She is buried at Pacific Crest Cemetery in Redondo Beach, California.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2014

    Marvel, Ford Sterling, and Alice Maison

    Marvel is sitting on the right

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  • 07/15/14--02:27: Lucille Ball

  • "I'm not funny, what I am is brave." - Lucille

    Lucille Desiree Ball was born on August 3, 1911, in Jamestown, New York. Her father died when she was three years old. Lucille moved to New York City and began her career as a model. For a short time she used the stage name Diane Belmont. Her big break came when producer Sam Goldwyn chose her to be one of his "Goldwyn Girls". Lucille started getting small roles in movies like Stage Door and Room Service. While making the comedy Too Many Girls she met bandleader Desi Arnaz and they were married in 1940. To get more attention in Hollywood Lucille dyed her brown hair red. In 1943 she signed a contract with MGM where she was nicknamed "Techinicolor Tessie". She worked with Bob Hope in Fancy Pants and with Van Johnson in Easy To Wed but she was unhappy with the roles she was given.

    Lucille suffered several miscarriage before becoming a mother at age thirty-nine. In 1951 she teamed up with Desi to star in and produce the television series I Love Lucy. The show was a big success and they became the most popular couple on television. Even the birth of their son in 1953 became national news. Unfortunately Desi's drinking and affairs caused problems in their marriage. Lucille divorced him and married comedian Gary Morton in 1961. She would star in two more long-running television series making her a comedy legend . Her final public appearance would be at the 1989 Academy Awards. She died on April 26, 1989 from an aortic aneurysm. Lucille was cremated and her ashes were buried in Los Angeles but in 2002 her family moved them to Lake View Cemetery in Jamestown, New York.

    ~ Original biography by Elizabeth Ann 2013

     With Desi Arnaz

    A signed check (from my collection)

    Lucille's statue (from my collection)

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